Quinta San Michel

Quinta San Michel

Reviving a wine species, one vine at a time.

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We are enormously proud to tell you about Quinta San Michel.  This project is our baby and it’s where it all got started.

Quinta San Michel is a small vineyard located in the historic Colares wine region of Portugal.  It’s situated in the microclimate of the Serra da Sintra (Sintra Mountains) just 20 minutes west of Lisbon and five minutes from beach.  The vineyard was planted with an initial 0.5 hectares in 2014 with two Portuguese grape varieties – Arinto and Malvasia do Colares.  In 2015, another 1.0 hectare will be planted with the same grapes.

Wanna know something cool?  Malvasia do Colares is one of the only grape varieties in the world to have survived the nasty little sap-sucking Phlloxera bug that devastated the vines of Europe back in the 1800s.  The only reason this little guy survived was because of the sand soils that it’s typically grown in.  So, Quinta San Michel doesn’t have sand soils, but have no fear!  It was selected as a test site for clones that have been grafted to Phylloxera-resistant roots.  Quinta San Michel is reviving one of the superstars of the wine world!

Right now, they’re in the middle of lots of exciting things like designing and constructing a tasting room with outrageous views of the palaces of Sintra.  You’ll be able to get your hands on these wines soon…in like 5 years.  (How cool is it that we get to see the whole vineyard process from the very beginning?  We think its way cool.)  So we’ll keep you posted about all the latest happenings and hope you come and check us out soon.